Rainy Day? Here are 5 Fun Filled Activities for Entertaining Bored Children


The time of year is upon us when we are excited and relieved to be playing outside with our little ones. However, no one can control the weather but we can prepare ourselves for the likely chance of that dreaded rain. 

So when the rain strikes and the kids are getting bored, try these helpful top ideas to relieve boredom and create a happy environment to be in!

5 Top Activity Ideas For A Rainy Day

  1. Different shaped cookies – Not only do kids love to eat what they bake but they can learn about all the different shapes too! Kids learn through play and making circle, square, hexagon, pentagon and diamond shaped biscuits is a perfect way to reinforce fun learning. They will understand the difference between all the shapes. If they ask for a treat, a fun way of getting them to remember which shape is which is to ask them to pick a shape, not just a cookie.
  2. Build a tent in your house – Using a sheet and furniture this can help visualise what camping will be like for the summer ahead. Making sure you have all the necessary camping gear to help make it feel real. Such as a torch, a sleeping bag and a flask. Getting all the cuddly toys and bears together in the tent and involve them too. And of course, not to forget treats for a ‘midnight feast’!
  3. Create an indoor treasure hunt – These can be a variety of themes and can be tailored to suit the appropriate age range. Your children could dress up to make it feel more authentic and exciting, for example dressing up as pirates. All you need to do is think of some clues and hide them in the appropriate places. These can be made harder for any older children. And a prize for the treasure!
  4. Make a collage – Using old magazines cut out pictures of animals and cars or what your child may be interested in. Depending on their age, your child could cut the pictures out themselves. Let them glue away and make a collage on a piece of paper/card. Alternatively cutting a shape out of the paper/card, such as a fire engine, then letting your child stick the pictures onto it.
  5. Make a Frame – Collect garden spring leaves and sticks (before it starts to rain!) and help your child to make their name out of these materials. Sticking them with glue onto cardboard. This can be made extra special by putting a frame on the outside. To keep or give to the grandparents or someone special.

We hope these 5 top activity ideas will leave you inspired on the sometimes long rainy days, and give you some food for thought!

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