Other people’s dogs getting too close to your buggy?

Dogs and Children don't always mix

Out for a nice spring walk, toddler walking at a dawdled pace playing with sticks and a 5 month old baby in the buggy. Sounds idyllic until two big dogs decide to lunge their heads into the buggy.

Where is the owner? Miles back where they cannot control the dog.

Should dog owners take more responsibility or do they just not realise the potential danger a dog could pose.

Dogs are lovable animals who give out unconditional love but when that dog is unknown to others should the owners not be calling the dog back to go on a lead and reassuring parents that they are in control of their dog. It does not necessarily mean the dog is known to be dangerous but there is potential with any dog.

Should we fully trust a dog?

Dogs love food its one of their main aims of every day …to eat!

Dog owners do not know if that child in the buggy is munching on a snack until their dog sniffs it out and takes a bite of the snack, catching your child’s hand in the process. The potential is huge. Not only to cause physical harm and possible scarring for life but the potential for the child to develop fears of dogs from this experience. And why is that?? Because dog owners are not being responsible!

Dogs also love to lick people..Some people believe that a dogs mouth is cleaner than a humans. But if that dog has been off its lead and out of site, how do dog owners know what it has been up to? Eating old dead rabbits, sniffing other dogs poo are a couple that spring to mind.

Dog attacks on children is frequently in the media but is this the dogs fault or the owners?

The fear of what those two dogs could have done to my children that day runs through my head every day that I am out walking with the buggy.

I did confront the dog owner telling him to put his dog on a lead. I had no apology but the owner made fun of me because in his eyes I had over reacted and he thought he ‘knew his dog’.

Please dog owners take others into consideration. Because your lack of action can cause harm. Parents want their children to be comfortable around dogs, not frightened.


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