Jealousy Amongst Siblings


Fighting kids? Referee between kids?

How wonderful to bring another baby into the home and to have a new baby sister or brother for your first born. Idyllic images of cuddling a baby and big brother or sister helping. Until they realise the baby is here to stay and make the sibling feel they have been pushed to one side.

Whether its newborn and a toddler or newborn with a school age child or teenager. There will be issues but it doesn’t mean they have to fight about it.

When the younger sibling cries incessantly and can irritate the older sibling. This can lead to outbursts with the older sibling if they are a toddler and cannot fully control and manage their emotions. It is a tough time for toddlers, with their lack of communicational skills and a baby in the house who they see as an inconvenience sometimes. Playing with their toys and reaching out pulling their hair because they are just curious.

As a parent this can make you feel that you are constantly sitting on the carpet acting like a referee between them. The older sibling may feel that you favour the younger sibling and may fight for your attention, especially when you are attending to the younger sibling.

Then there is the younger sibling who can feel like they are second best because the older sibling is getting all the attention because they are kicking up a fuss.


Involve your child before baby is born.

Introduce them to your bump, let them stroke the bump and feel it kick. Talk to bump with your child so they can try and learn and understand that soon a baby will be arriving. Trying to ensure there is as less shock as possible for them when baby does arrive.

Show them photos and videos of what they were like as a baby to remind them of the different stages of growing and developing.