How To Deal With Toddler Tantrums

Toddlers can be extremely hard work at times

Bringing up your baby is a fun filled time, but developing into a toddler with their own growing personality can prove very testing.

It can bet difficult to reason with them, they do not listen properly and cannot comprehend what you are saying to them because they are having a melt down. This time can be extremely frustrating for both the parent and toddler.

Toddlers do not fully understand how to deal with their own emotions and they need guidance and boundaries from their parents. They struggle to communicate their needs effectively and get annoyed when their desires are not met.

Top Tips In Reducing Tantrums

1. Always using clear communication with your toddler so they can understand you easier. This allows them to try and understand simply what you are saying and you will be more likely to repeat the same sentences if it is clear and to the point.

2. Developing routines and boundaries can help to create order to the day. Your toddler will know what is likely to happen next, instead of getting frustrated that they cannot express themselves, if for example, they are hungry.

3. Change your negative response into positive ones. Refrain from repeatedly saying no to your toddler. If your child is asking to watch the tv and you have planned to have lunch. Try saying that you can watch it later, rather than ‘no’!

4. In a full blown tantrum, it is difficult to try and talk with your toddler. They are likely to get even more distressed. It is important never to give in as they are relying on you to instill these boundaries. Waiting for your child to calm and finish this tantrum can sometimes be the only way around it. Letting your toddler know that you are here for them if they need a hug. As this is a hugely frustrating time for them as well.

5. Ensuring your child has plenty of outdoor exercise can help to release all their bottled up energy. This gives them liberty and freedom to explore, play and have more of an element of control. Finding a balance between buggy time and walking can also stop frustrations with your toddler when they have found the liberating ability to walk or run off!

Toddler tantrums are a part of childhood that every child will experience. From frustrations of being unable to communicate properly to not being able to cope effectively with their overwhelming emotions.

Projecting a calm way of approaching the tantrums and remaining clear and consistent can help through these difficult periods. They are after all learning from us as parents.


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