Postnatal Depression Symptoms


The birth of your newborn baby is supposed to be the most joyous occasion in your life…but is it??

This ‘little bundle of joy’ has been born into this world and along with it can come a feeling of detachment, loss of interest for the baby, feeling your don’t have this strong bond that other mums talk about or that you read on the internet.

These feelings can be pretty normal at the start of parenthood and learning to cope with a new born baby, of which are known as the baby blues. These can last a few weeks and it tends to peak at about day 5. The majority of mums go through this feeling and it usually passes. After all your hormones are upside down after giving birth and your life can be too. New roles and routines in the house have to start.

Sleepless nights, wondering why your baby is still crying and changing nappies constantly. Wondering what on earth has happened to your life and how it has changed so drastically. These are all difficulties that mums with baby blues go through which makes us feel isolated and tearful.

But when these feelings linger on and are not improving with time you start to question ‘whats wrong with me?’ ‘why cant i do this?’

The feeling of being empty and not having a natural flare and connection with your baby can make you feel hopeless, tearful, anxious. You may start to worry that you just cannot remember things as well and cannot concentrate. The fear of leaving the house and having to talk and socialise with other mums who can sometimes portray themselves as a ‘super mum’. Who seem to cope with a new baby better than you do and you can only see the negatives in your ability to cope and bring up your baby.

The lack of enjoyment and happiness in everything you do can make you feel so miserable that you feel no one will want to be around you. Your self esteem and self worth has hit rock bottom. Sometimes it feels like you can see no way out. This can bring with it feelings of not wanting to be here and that your baby and family are better off without you.

These feelings when the duration is longer than a few weeks can be diagnosed as post natal depression.


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