How to Choose a Baby Name: 10 Easy Tips

Mar 20, 2017
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Finding the perfect baby name can be a challenge. Some parents have had their baby names picked out from the beginning, whereas others wait until the big day, and with so much choice, how can you possibly decide on one name?!

We are going to try and make the decision a little easier with our 10 quick tips on choosing a baby name.

1) Does it work well with your surname?

A great fitting first and surname will make a strong name. Try to avoid a name that rhymes with the surname, and choose a name that flows naturally with it.

2) Does the name sound good shortened?

We always tend to shorten people’s names, and it’ll be no different for your own child, so make sure that the shortened version is one you like too! If you don’t like the sound of Jonny for Jonathan or Bob for Robert, then maybe stay clear.

3) Keep it in the family

A lovely naming tradition is to take someone in the family you love and name your newborn after them. Pick someone with the characteristics you hope your child will embrace as they grow. Grandfather and grandmothers are traditionally popular options.

4) Two instead of one

If you can’t decide on one name, perhaps you could combine your two favourite names, or you and your spouse each pick a name and create a double barrel name, such as Mary-Jane or Lily-Mae. This way you get the best of both worlds.

5) Get inspired

Why not read a great book, and name your little one after your all-time favourite character, or choose a name based on where you and your spouse first met, got married or had your honeymoon? Location-based names are a popular way to celebrate a cherished memory forever.

6) Keep the spelling simple

Spelling your child’s name in a different way than usual could result in frustration when they’re older, not only from them but you too. Constantly correcting people on name spellings isn’t fun!

7) Be unique

The population is constantly growing, and if you want to avoid five or six children turning their heads around in the playground when you shout for “Jack”, you may want to avoid the top 10 popular baby names.

8) Look ahead

Imagine your baby as an adult with their name. What may sound cute as a little child may not sound as good when an adult. Your child may not appreciate if their name is “Kitten” or “Dolphin” when they’re older!

9) Don’t rush!

If you still can’t decide on a name when your baby is born, don’t worry, you still have time! You may look at your child and suddenly think, “She’s an Emily”, or “He’s a George”, or you might get inspired by events after the birth – just take your time.

10) Consider initials

Make sure your little one’s initials don’t spell out an awkward word such as I.B.S. This might lead to some teasing in the future, and we all want to avoid that!

Hopefully these quick tips will help you find the perfect baby name that you will love forever! Have you any baby name tips you can share?

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