Are There Foods to Avoid When Breastfeeding?


Mums who breastfeed their baby may come across some foods that their baby may dislike whilst other mums report no problems with having to avoid certain foods.

It is important to remember that your breast milk is partly made up of what you eat and drink. Maintaining a healthy balanced diet is important and advisable.

Some mums report that eating strong flavoured foods can affect the taste of their breast milk, such as spicy food. And others report that these can affect the baby’s digestion. Causing problems with excess gas, stomach upsets and discomfort.

Foods to avoid when breastfeeding.

These are some foods that mums commonly report cause problems when consuming them and breastfeeding.

Spicy foods
Kiwis, Strawberries, Pineapples
Citrus foods
Gassy foods (cabbage, beans, lentils, brussel sprouts)

If your baby does suffer some discomfort from a particular food, eliminating it for a while to ensure you have eliminated the correct food and monitor baby’s presentation. Then slowly re introduce it to check it was that food that was correctly identified as the cause.

If your baby is consistently suffering or in discomfort ensure you seek support and advice from your health visitor or GP.

Some babies do suffer from allergies and intolerances and if you think this may be the case for your baby seek advice.

How can you tell if your baby may be affected by certain foods?

Some common symptoms experienced by babies who may be affected by specific foods are:

Increased gas and discomfort
Colic symptoms
Upset stomach or constipation
Increased in fussiness
Eczema or rashes

These symptoms tend to be apparent when your baby may have an intolerance/allergy. These can be extremely distressing for both parents and babies. Trying to comfort your baby through distressing times can, at times, make you feel helpless.

The process of elimination can prove difficult and frustrating for the parents who feel they just cannot soothe their baby. Meanwhile, your baby is experiencing discomfort and can appear unhappy.


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