6 Spring Activity Ideas for Bored Kids

Mar 14, 2017

Spring is nearly here… the long dark rainy days are coming to an end for a while. Well maybe not the rain!

The kids are climbing the walls to get out and you have just about exhausted the soft play areas.

Here’s 6 ideas to help you plan those spring days and make them more memorable.

  • A walk in the woods – kids just love to explore nature. Picking sticks up and prodding worms. Take a bucket and collect leaves, sticks, stones. You can take these home to let the kids loose decorating them to let them express their creativity.
  • Get your kids involved in washing the car – Sense of involvement of doing an ‘adult’ job. Washing the big wheels and getting wet. Seeing the end result of a cleaner car can empower kids and make them feel valued.
  • Drawing chalk pictures on the patio/ flags – this is a simple way of communication and creativity. After all it is the start of how your child will start to write.
  • Paint pots and rocks outside – Using any old pots or jars or rocks and let your kids be free to decorate them. Making a ladybird out of a rock. Their imagination will be wild.
  • Have a picnic – Eating alfresco and being with nature makes kids happy and liberated.
  • Making a bird feeder – kids will feel involved in caring and looking after the birds. Appreciating the basic needs of life. They will of course reap the benefits by seeing the birds eat what they have made.

Have you any ideas you could share with our readers? Share them in the comments below… we’d love to hear from you!

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